Homeschooled Students Do NOT Require Music Instruction

Do I have your attention? Did I shock you? Good, that was my plan…now that I have your attention I can say that obviously, the title to this article couldn’t be more false…

Homeschooled students deserve the same access to opportunities that are afforded their public and private school counterparts. That includes access to quality instrumental music instruction, especially for those students who show an early aptitude for music and/or a keen interest. All students at a minimum should be exposed to the recorder starting in the 3rd grade as well as the piano. Starting in the 4th grade those students that are especially motivated and/or show an aptitude can begin to play the violin, guitar, flute, clarinet, trumpet, or saxophone in addition to the piano. Of course, the physical attributes of your student(s) such as overall size, hand size, coordination, health concerns, etc. will help you determine if a 4th grade student can physically handle the challenges associated with playing a “hand held” musical instrument. Piano/keyboard instruction is crucial and should be mandated from the 3rd or 4th grade through the 8th grade.

Music instruction, especially of instrumental music, can be an important component of a well-rounded homeschool curriculum. Are you, as the teacher/parent musically inclined? Are you at least somewhat proficient on a musical instrument? If so, you are probably OK with putting together a homeschool music curriculum that will be more than adequate for your students. However, what if math or science is your strong suit? Perhaps you have some students that would like to play a musical instrument but you’re unsure of how to get them started? Musical instruments are expensive, even if they are listed as “student models”. Private lessons can be expensive as well, method books can be confusing, do you rent an instrument or purchase?

One idea is to partner with other homeschools or homeschool organizations in your area. Seek out someone to serve as your “musical director”. Two or three times a week all music students can meet in a centralized appropriate location for band, orchestra, or choral practices. Individual practice of an instrument is important, but there is nothing like playing with others for motivation and keeping interest levels strong!

Pam and I are homeschool veterans ourselves. We homeschooled our two boys for seven years, including one child disabled with cerebral palsy. Since we had our degrees in music education, we didn’t need help with the music end of things, but we certainly did for nearly everything else! So I can empathize with your situation!

3 of the Best Online Music Instruction Products Review

There are many websites out there touting themselves to be the latest and greatest in providing quality online music instruction products. These are sites where once you sign up and pay you are able to immediately download the videos and other instruction materials right away. Here is my review of three of the best.

Rocket Piano (Rock Star Recipes) by Ruth Searle.

Ruth says “people were fed up with the quality of the piano playing books on the market. Studies show that 97% of all pianists discover that learning how to play piano isn’t as easy as they thought it would be. If you use the same old boring exercises and drills that other people use, you’re even worse off!” There are three books with step-by-step lessons, including lots of sound files. The lessons are all laid out in an easy to follow, step-by-step method. They are very easy to understand no matter what age you are and Ruth has gone to great lengths to ensure that you find learning the piano fun!

Rocket Piano also comes with three exclusive computer games – Jayde Musica Pro, Chordinator and the Rocket Piano Metronome. By playing Chordinator and Jayde Musica you learn how to read music, while having fun. The Rocket Piano Metronome keeps you in perfect time! 218 step by step lessons in 3 high quality books takes you on a journey from beginner to advanced in your piano playing. Plus 57 video lessons – It’s like having your own, private piano teacher at your disposal 24/7. You’ll see exact techniques and what they look like. 133 audio files let you hear how each song should sound and what the tempo and timing of each piece should be. This program offers a 60 day money back guarantee and is an excellent value at only $39.95 for the download version.

Jamorama (Rock Star Recipes) by Ben Edwards.

Jamorama is a complete, cutting edge multi-media learning system for the guitar. Jamorama integrates 148 step-by-step video lessons and 26 high quality Jam Tracks for you to jam along with! You can turn the guitar track off and jam along with our drummer and bass guitarist or you can leave the guitar track playing. The song files explain, step-by-step, how to play many popular guitar songs, with new songs being added regularly. Jamorama also offers an acoustic and lead guitar instruction program as well as all spanish version: Guitarra Jamorama. This program, like Rocket Piano comes with the 60 day guarantee and also sells for $39.95 for the download.

WorkShop Live (National Guitar Workshop)

Learn to play guitar, keyboard, bass and drums anytime you want in the privacy of your own home. You can choose from 50%2B professional music teachers offering over 2000 comprehensive music lessons. Each lesson is designed to provide a full week’s worth of learning. You can take guitar lessons, keyboard lessons, drum and bass lessons in any style of music including: Acoustic, Rock, Blues, or Jazz and at any skill level. There are also great seminars on music theory, classical guitar, bending, slide, hand drums featuring Kalani, and more. Learn to play your favorite songs from The Eagles, Greenday, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Gershwin, Duke Ellington, and more. More than 50 professional teachers are featured in WorkshopLive’s online music lessons. All lessons are arranged in courses so you follow a great teaching method that really works. There are dozens of Free Sample online guitar lessons, keyboard lessons, bass guitar and drum lessons available for you to try. All guitar lessons, keyboard lessons, drum and bass lessons contain high-quality video, chord charts, synchronized music notation, guitar tab animation, and printable exercises are also available. A monthly membership to WorkShop Live costs $19.95.

Picture Framing Online: Things To Know

When you look deeper into a picture once clicked by you, you will understand that a frame alone can bring drastic changes to the otherwise simple photograph. Choose frames very selectively, as they hold the power to entirely transform an ordinary picture into something spectacular and out of the world. Picture framing online has changed the very definition of frames and photographs. Internet has made online shopping easy, simple and affordable. So, if you are looking for custom picture frames in the most competitive prices then you must scroll through the online websites filled with striking frames and related details.

Shopping is fun anytime, whatever you are looking for. Buying online photo frames has become a latest trend that youngsters like to follow in order to make their home look warm and gorgeous. Vibrant frames on walls and nooks and corners instantly lift up the moods of the people living there. So, what you have to do is look for online deals near your area and grab the most suitable offer. Though youngsters are the ones who are mostly attracted to the frames, people from all age groups can shop for frames to glam up their boring home dcor. The ones who are living away from home can get homesick and want to decorate a corner of their new house with customised photo frames, so for them here is some really great news!

Picture framing online websites are awesome to look for fabulous set of frames of all designs and shapes. In these online sites, you will find a huge collection with budget. Even you can customise a frame for yourself on for someone whom you want to gift one. With just a quick search, you will come to discover thousands and thousands online framing service providers who excels in selling a variety of stunning frames within budget range. If you want, you can also directly communicate with the reputable company’s framing designers to get customised packages.
When it comes to frames, you can choose larger ones or the smaller ones. The large frames are mostly needed for big family photographs. Suppose, the photograph that you have is above 18″ by 18″ then it is will be better to consider a larger frame. By going with a smaller frame, you will simply ruin the entire picture and thus the wall dcor. Now, when you have a smaller version of a picture then you can easily look for smaller frames that cost considerably lesser. A smaller picture doesn’t need a larger frame, so depending on the picture size, you must choose the frames.
If you are sceptical to rely on a particular custom picture frames online company then ask friends and family to recommend companies from where they have previously bought services. Or read the testimonials and review sections to get an idea of the company with which you are dealing.
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